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II-VI Optical Systems, a subsidiary of II-VI, Inc., has locations in both Tustin and Murrieta, California. II-VI Optical Systems designs, manufactures, assembles and tests precision optical systems and components. Our products have been deployed on military platforms such as submarines, tanks, missiles, fighter jets and UAV’s. II-VI Optical Systems has grown over the years from a provider of specialty optical materials to a full service provider of optical components and optical systems.

Since its establishment in 1961, II-VI Optical Systems has maintained a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is achieved by continuous training of our staff with focus on quality, on-time delivery, and cost reduction. From the initial customer inquiry to final delivery, meeting the customer's requirements is our primary objective.

II-VI Optical Systems' contributions begin during a program's conceptual and production design phases. Engineering and pre-production models are developed during these phases with a focus on product performance and cost effectiveness. Through the life of the program, II-VI Optical Systems' comprehensive capabilities provide full control over product quality, cost and schedule.

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