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II-VI Photonics was established in 1984 to develop and commercialize fiber optic component technology and has developed and sold fused fiber devices since 1988. During this period, II-VI Photonics developed unique and highly automated workstations for manufacturing fused biconic taper (FBT) couplers and high power laser combiners. II-VI Photonics's superior design and packaging of fused fiber components has made II-VI Photonics one of the leading suppliers of high quality, high-reliability fiber optic components to worldwide markets for over two decades.

FBT couplers are ubiquitous in fiber optic transmission networks where they are used to split, merge or tap optical signals. FBT couplers are available in a wide range of configurations to match a broad array of fiber optic transmission applications including long haul communication, data communication and video distribution. Specialty couplers are built into fiber optic gyroscopes that are deployed in military and aerospace environments.

II-VI Photonics’s laser combiners feature high power handling capability in a small form factor and are available in a broad range of transmission wavelengths for a wide variety of industrial, medical, telecom and military applications. High power laser combiners are building blocks of next-generation kilowatt class fiber lasers that are used in materials processing applications such as cutting, drilling, engraving and welding.

II-VI Photonics builds cost-effective solutions for intelligent optical networks that are used for video, data communications, telecommunications and other fast growing markets. Aegis delivers state-of- the-art channel-monitoring products to an international customer base of optical networking systems manufacturers that enable service providers to cost effectively deploy high bandwidth video services such as High Definition TV, IPTV, and Video-on-Demand.

II-VI Photonics offers the broadest and most cost-effective selection of optical channel monitors that are specifically designed for reconfigurable optical networks and advanced fiber-optic transmission systems employing next-generation modulation formats. The company is the first in the industry to commercialize tunable thin-film filters that are manufactured using proven methods from the semiconductor industry and has filed more than 30 patents on its Active Thin Films™ technology platform and its applications.

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